Asia is a stunning part of the world and there is a lot for a tourist to experience. From incredible nature to world-class museums to beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone. Staying safe must be a priority, though, as it is very different to the UK.

You must always remember to be culturally aware and sensitive, wherever you are. There are many Buddhist countries in Asia so if you have Buddha tattoos, make sure you keep them covered. You should always dress respectfully and conservatively, but this is especially important if you are in a Muslim country such as Malaysia. It will probably be ok to wear a bikini on the beach but just be respectful and take your lead from others.

Asia has many busy and crowded cities so make sure you are always aware of your possessions. It is best to carry your most valuable ones in a waist belt because thieves will often target tourists from motorbikes and bags can be easily snatched.