If you are looking for an exciting activity to participate in when on holiday, then why not try scuba diving. India is the perfect place to go scuba diving and you will not be disappointed with the amazing experience you have.

India is a large country and with 8000 km /5000 miles of coastline. Goa, is the smallest and richest state on India’s west coast. It has easy access to the Arabian Sea and a dive off Goa allows you to glide over lush coral gardens, pinnacles, and a variety of shipwrecks.

Temple Reef, Pondicherry is the perfect place to go for a dive in India. It is located just off the cost of Ponicherry and has a maximum depth of 60 feet. This artificial reef was created to help the marine life after the effects of the trawler fishing. A temple-shaped structure was formed from recycled materials including concrete, rocks and iron. It is now inhabited by over 45 different marine species.