Choosing your location carefully

If you are going on holiday with small children you need to carefully consider where you are going to be staying. If you are staying in a caravan then you may want to look up reviews for the campsite to see how family friendly it is. You also need to consider the actually location of

Airport safety

With the tragic recent events that took place in Brussels airport, it is understandable that a lot of people are becoming increasingly nervous about flying. It seems that it is not only being on a plane that is scaring people off but also actually waiting in the airport. There are ways in which you can

The Pyramids of Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country and has a wealth of history for you to explore. It I a great place to take a holiday if you are looking for something a little more exhilarating than lazing in the sun on the beach or drinking by the pool side bar. The pyramids in Egypt are a

First holiday abroad

For some adults, the first holiday abroad that they take can be daunting. Going to a foreign country, not knowing the language and eating different food can be enough to put some people off, but you do find that you can very quickly adapt and fit in with the locals if you take the time

Angkor Wat

In the sprawling jungles of Cambodia lies the enigmatic temple of Angkor Wat, the largest temple in the world. This iconic structure once lay at the heart of the Khmer empire and dates back to the 12th century. Though it continued to be used down the centauries, changing from a Hindu to Buddhist temple, the

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