We often want or expect different things from a holiday. For some, the idea of lazing by the pool is the highlight while others are more interested in the beach. Some people are keen to visit scorching hot countries to top up their tans, but some people prefer to visit cooler countries or even countries that spend a significant amount of their time frozen solid. Some want to take part in exciting activities like skydiving, snorkelling and skiing while other people may not wish to see or do anything.

Going on holiday is sometimes all about compromising. It would be almost impossible for every person in a family to feel constantly happy with the proposed itinerary, but there should be something on there for everyone so that nobody feels left out or forgotten about. Meeting each family members needs would hopefully make for a more enjoyable and more memorable holiday. Plus, you never know what you might discover by joining in with activities that would not usually interest you so much. By keeping an open mind, you may find that you discover and learn a whole lot more about your holiday destination than you expected!