If you are going on holiday with small children you need to carefully consider where you are going to be staying. If you are staying in a caravan then you may want to look up reviews for the campsite to see how family friendly it is. You also need to consider the actually location of the holiday park. If it is situated right on the beach front then you may want to check how you get down to the beach, if it is a cliff front with tight steps then this may not be safe for young children or may make carrying a pushchair down hard work.

Ideally you want to find somewhere where the children can run around outside, close to the caravan or tent but without having to worry too much about the immediate surroundings. Obviously you should always keep a close eye on children as even a on site swimming pool can be a hazard but making sure that you are far enough away from certain dangers can make everyone’s holiday a little more relaxing.

Choosing a site with a children’s play area will allow you to stay with your children while they play on the equipment and have fun.