Being a tour guide can be a really fun job, you get to travel around and work outdoors (mostly) and get to mix with lots of new people every day. So what do you need to become a god tour guide?

An excellent knowledge of the area – this needs to go beyond the basic level of looking on a map and seeing the city. People go on a guided tour to learn interesting things that they didn’t know about before so you’ll need to do plenty of research into the history of an area with funny anecdotal stories to tell.

Confidence and charisma – this is a must to keep your audience interested and entertained during the tour, you’ll need to be animated and be willing to get involved with the story-telling aspect of the tour.

Extra languages – these aren’t usually a must but they will be favourable to you in an interview situation. Some companies abroad will want you to be bilingual though so it’s worth checking with the tour company as to what’s required.