Month: July 2014

Visit the Caribbean!

Whether you chose to go on a cruise, or visit an Island, you will have a fabulous time in the Caribbean. For something a little more secluded, you will find the island of Saint Vincent north west of Barbados. On the coast of the island is a 4 star resort called Anse Chastanet. It is

Looking at Africa in a Completely Different Way

If the only time you think about Africa is when you’re looking through the World Cup fixtures and results, seeing teams like Nigeria and Cameroon, then it’s time to think about the continent from a different perspective.

Most people have watched a wildlife documentary or two, but there is nothing like the real thing when it comes to being on a safari. Flying above the plains in a small bush plane, the enormity of the continent will overwhelm you. You can see wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and elephant dotting the plain beneath you. Once you’re on the ground, the first lion you see will make you realise why these majestic creatures are widely recognised as the king of the jungle. When it comes to your bucket list for personal travel, African safari holidays should appear near the top.

The word “safari” comes from the Swahili term for taking a journey. There was once a time when this sort of trip meant heading off on your own into the wild, carrying a backpack, a tent and a rifle. In modern times, you’ll be hosted in comfortable camps and lodges and the trends are all about ecotourism and photography. This means you can still get a dramatic introduction to one of the last areas on the planet where wildlife still exists like it did before humans entered the picture.