Month: April 2014

The Egyptian Desert

If you are planning a holiday in Egypt, you should make sure that you spend at least part of your time within the desert. The Egyptian desert is an incredible place to visit, with vast areas which are made of white sands and rocks. The desert makes an ideal place for camping, where you enter

Cairo – A Holiday Destination

Cairo was first formed in 969 CE, and has since become the largest city and metropolitan area within the Middle East and Africa, and the 16th largest city in total. It has an extensive history, formed Fatimid Caliphate, and also became their capital. Since then it has continued its existence as the centre of political,

Egyptian Holiday by the Red Sea

The red sea is definitely a great feature, and an ideal location for you to spend your time on your Egyptian holiday. The red sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian ocean, and it lays between the African continent (with Egypt making up a large portion of its coastline), and the Arabian Peninsula. The


Thanatourism, also known as dark tourism, is an exciting and educational mode of tourism. The Thanatourist is motivated by the desire for actual or symbolic encounters with death. They travel for many different reasons relating to death: To watch public executions, to travel to sites after death has occurred (battlefields) , to visit memorials or